Friday, January 13, 2017

(2016): An Overview | Goodbye

2016 has been a really enlightening year despite the troubles I've had. I want to start the year as peaceful as I can and I am grateful for the experience and lessons that the past year has brought. As I embark on this new chapter of my life, I may have to leave things in the past including this blog, this little space of mine on the internet has helped me express myself in a way that I could never do in real life and I will be always thankful for that.

This year was meant on focusing on this part of my life but I believe that things really do happen for a reason. I'm thankful that I didn't pushed it as soon as I could because the end of my year was really crappy and I could have lost it all if my plans pushed through. 

I planned to be more active on this blog and I did my best but I guess at this age, I couldn't keep up to that. It's also the reason why I decided to finally close this blog. From now on, though, I want to focus more on photography.

Reese Lansangan is my favorite artist for 2016, she is so adorable and I love her music <3 

The only good thing about last year was that I read more books and I plan to continue that. I lost relationships and started new relationships like any other year. I'm single for the last couple of months and I still am, i'm planning to keep this status for awhile. Dating is such a weird concept for me right now that's why i'm shutting that door for a year or two. I cannot believe how relieved I am to be this happy, despite all the things that happened. I guess when you really learn to appreciate yourself you become happier, being alone made me feel strong and independent and I honestly haven't felt that for years. 

This year I want to focus on myself more, train my mind, make more healthy friendships and just be happier in general. To anyone who is reading this, thank you for being here, i'm not going o terminate this blog so comments might still be answered. Sayonara! 

Here are my 2016 FAVORITES:

MovieAbout Time
BookAttachments by Rainbow Rowell
SongA song about space by Reese Lansangan
FoodFountaine 18 BBQ
TV ShowStranger Things 
PersonDomhnall Gleeson

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HAUL | Kate Spade Wellesley Mini Rachel & Zara Convertible Backpack

I've been MIA for the whole of September as I've been busy with life, pretty much. But I really want to write before I get even more busy, so here I am, thinking which one I should start off with. I guess a haul would be great at this moment as I have accumulated so much awesome stuff the past month and I really love all of them.

Tiny bags has been my recent obsession and I feel a little bit bad for getting 2 bags in such a short amount of time. I did a closet de-clutter last year and I've been purchasing bags ever since and apparently I can't stop. The first one is Kate Spade's Wellesley Mini Rachel and it's pathetic how much I love this one, it's tiny but surprisingly holds more stuff than I could imagine. It's doesn't fit a standard wallet size though but fits an iPhone 6 plus. This one was gifted to me by my SO who I love dearly and I cannot stress enough how lovely this bag is. This is no longer available on their website but it's still available on Amazon (linked here).

So adorable! 

The inside is barbie pink

The second one is not my first choice because I originally wanted the Small Preston Backpack from Fossil but i'ts sold out everywhere, literally. In my search for an alternative I ended up getting this one from Zara and this one is too cute to be real, the photo doesn't do justice on how adorable this backpack is. I saw this in one of the vloggers I follow on YouTube and I immediately checked it out on their website to see if it is available in the Philippines. And to my surprise it is (linked here) and also this was a lot cheaper than I expected and for that I am so happy! Plus it also comes with a gold chain alternative strap which isn't shown in the photos but you can check them out in the link.

The front part fits an iPhone 6 perfectly

Thursday, August 25, 2016

On A More Serious Note: In The Mix With Third Eye Blind

This night was extra special to me because I get to hear and see my favorite band of all time, play right in front of me. Third Eye Blind has a special place in my heart because their music has always been my escape & comfort. I don't particularly go crazy for concerts as I feel uncomfortable but I couldn't help myself, I screamed and sang a long with them with all my heart that night. Being with my boyfriend made it extra special too because he was with my during the most awesome concert I've been at. 

My favorite songs from them would have to be, Blinded, Narcolepsy, Can't Get Away, Good Man, Misfits, Slow Motion, Get Me Out Of Here, God Of WineMotorcycle Drive By. It's kind of a bummer that they didn't play any of them in the concert but of course I couldn't complain. I love all of their songs but these songs are the ones I usually play on repeat.

Panic At The Disco was also awesome, they are also one of my favorite bands from high school. Brendon Urie even took his shirt off, his performance was out of this world, he even made me dance a little bit too.  

Twin Pines, Elle King, James Bay & The 1975 was also included in the concert line up but we didn't get to stay for James Bay & The 1975, the bands which everyone was raving about. I was really exhausted from the last 4 bands, plus we are old and we need to sleep. That night was totally awesome and definitely worth the money.

I used my Fujifilm X-T10 with 16-50mm lens to take these. I tried my best to take good photos but my only lens is a wide angle and to my surprise it came out better than I expected as the lens was zoomed to it's maximum.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Review | Althea Turns 1!

This was actually my first time trying out Althea and I can only say good things about my experience because right about when I got to their website I was greeted with very low prices of products compared to store prices. This was a shock to me because I thought directly buying from brand stores would be the cheapest option but Althea definitely has the cheapest price, plus they are almost always on sale.

I took the opportunity to try Althea during their birthday promotion which was a very nice deal. Orders above 1,500 Php gets a free delivery and also I got their limited edition birthday box & kit. I also joined their give away and here is my submission! 

The ordering transaction was smooth, I didn't have any problems and the delivery period was fast (9 days). Upon receiving the box it was neatly wrapped in a pink plastic and the box is covered in bubble wrap and didn't have any damage. The products inside was also wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure extra protection.

I got 2 boxes and I'll share with you what I got which are almost all skin care products. I really held myself back from buying any more make up because i'll be getting my Colourpop & Kylie products really soon and i'll be sure to blog about that.  

Argan Oil (360 Php)

First, I got 2 bottles of Argan Oil because it was really cheap from them and I wanted to stock up. The packaging is plastic and not glass which is a relief because I could bring it with me while travelling.

Sleeping Water Mask (980 Php)

A lot of people on Youtube are raving about this and I wanted to try it myself. I originally wanted to buy Kiehl's Midnight Recovery serum to pair with my eye cream but this one looks promising and way cheaper.

Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser (1,040 Php)

Also something I've been seeing a lot is this make up remover from Banila Co., looking forward into using this.

Hawaiian Clay Pack (570 Php)

I've been meaning to get a clay mask because I have extremely oily skin and this one, they say is excellent for oily skin.

It's My Cushion (235 Php)

This one was a freebie which was a surprise, I maybe giving this away as I'm really not in to the whole "cushion trend" but really thankful to Althea for this <3

Black Sugar Mask (330 php)

This is one of Skin Food's best seller and I saw CutipieMarzia get this in one of her vlogs which made me one to try it even more.

Avocado Lip Balm (280 Php)

I am in the hunt for the world's best lip balm because I have the world's most chappy lips. Hahaha. Read a lot of great things about this and i'll see if this tops my Smith's Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm!

Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet - Soothing Cat (90 Php)

Of course I had to get this to complete my cat transformation. Hahaha.

It's My Brush (32-440 Php)

This brush collection is great because the products don't look as cheap as they are priced but I believe that not everything on this collection is worth the money. I got the eyebrow, lip and screw brush which are all nice.

That ends my experience with Althea, I believe that they have a 30 day unconditional return policy if you are in any way unsatisfied with the products you got which is insanely awesome. I highly recommend Althea, go check it out if you haven't already.